Our Application Process

Application Tips

Update Your CV

Make sure you have listed all your technical skills and other relevant skills and experience in your CV but leave out technologies that you are not genuinely proficient with.

Apply for the right job

Apply for the job most aligned with your strongest skills. Know PHP better but prefer Python? Apply for PHP to prove you can code then tell our HR team that you would prefer to work with Python.

Answer all questions

All questions in our interviews are important so resist the temptation to gloss over any sections. You won't be selected if you skip sections.

English is Critical

Clear and effective English is essential. If necessary, consider taking a short course to boost your English before applying.

Consider Training

If there are recent technologies you would like to work with, consider completing an online course (e.g. via Udemy) then reinforce your new skills with hands-on practice.

Realistic Expectations

You are welcome to ask for any pay level you like, but be mindful that you can price yourself out of contention if your expectations exceed your skill level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our recruitment process is efficient. If you have succeeded in progressing to the next step in the recruitment process, you will generally hear from us within a few days of completing your most recent step. That means the entire process is typically completed within about a week.

We can often expedite the process for you if you need an urgent decision. Please, Contact Our HR Team to discuss this option if you wish.

We promote work-life balance by providing work-from-home options to our team. This privilege is conditional upon conscientious effort and client satisfaction. For safety reasons, our entire team has been working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our head office is located in the prestigious Technopark Campus in Thiruvananthapuram and we also have offices in Infopark Kochi as well as in the education city of Kozhikode.

Our team work 7.5 hours a day from Monday to Friday. The shift length is 8 hours with a 30-minute meal break. Overtime is exceedingly rare and no weekend work is required, so our team enjoy great work-life balance.

Although some system administrators may need to work night shift since servers need to be monitored around the clock, other staff do not work night shift. Senior staff typically work business hours while other team members work either 6am-2pm IST or 2pm-10pm IST.

You can apply for the same job only once every 6 months but we welcome returning applicants after that period.

Generally, if a candidate is shortlisted, we inform them as early as possible. If you do not get a response in 7days, that would probably mean that you are not shortlisted.

No, interview process is completely online.

The online test is a combination of objective type and descriptive type questions. The questions will be aimed to check your skills in different areas like - Programming, IQ and reasoning and English communication.

There are 4 general stages for the interview process (which could change slightly based on the position you are applying for). After you apply to any of our job ads, you will be required to attend an initial online test. If you successfully clear that stage, we invite you to the next round which involves a proctored online test followed by HR interview, technical interview and a general assessment interview. All these are fully online and generally completed within a week. If you succeed in clearing these stage, we then discuss with you regarding an offer.

I know multiple coding languages. Which job should I apply for?

Apply for the job that is most closely aligned with your coding strength. That will give you the best chance of being offered a position. If you would prefer to pursue a coding career in a different language then during the Zoom interview, tell our HR team about your preferred coding language. You should still sit all our interview tests in your strongest coding language, but if you prove your coding skills in your strongest coding language then we can likely support your transition to your preferred language.

Typically new recruits are trained in multiple new technologies before being deployed. These training opportunities sharpen and modernize skills through a combination of formal training courses and hands-on coding projects.

We devise tailored training programs for each new recruit within our VN Academy. Hands-on projects are evaluated by senior developers and guidance provided to improve skills.

That depends on the core technology stack you are working with but examples include:

  • Javascript frameworks like React, Vue.js and Svelte
  • React frameworks like Next.js and Gatsby
  • Node.js ecosystem components like Express, Nest.js
  • .NET technologies like UWP, Blazor, Razor, RabbitMQ, etc
  • Mobile development frameworks like React Native, Flutter and Progressive Web Apps
  • CSS enhancements like Scss, Tailwind, Bulma and more
  • Database systems like MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra and Redis
  • Python web frameworks (Django and Flask) and data libraries
  • Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform

You will need to be able to write sections of functional code from scratch. You will be able to refer to devdocs.io language reference manuals during our interviews so you will not need to remember everything but you will need to be able to write code from scratch to address the scenarios we provide. To do this successfully, you will need to have substantial knowledge of the coding language being tested.

The online test is a critical part of the review process. Do not skip any questions in the online test (there is no negative marking). You will be required to write code. Ensure that your code is clean with the logic implemented efficiently (include comments where required). Your experience as a proficient developer will reflect in the quality of the code that you write. Attending each question carefully will maximize your chances of getting hired.

We do have multiple positions advertised from time-to-time and some open to candidates without experience. Even if you do not have experience, you could get hiredd depending on your skill-set, expertise and subject knowledge. We also offer trainee positions to eligible candidates who do not have experience but perform well in our interviews.

Do I need to have a design portfolio available?

Yes. Unfortunately we are only able to consider design applicants who have examples of their work available online. During the recruitment process we will ask you for examples of your design work. You can provide the web addresses of sites you have designed and/or a link to your personal website or portolio page. Please, test all URLs before entering them into our interview system to ensure they are active. Please, do not provide the location of files on your computer - we cannot access those.

A degree is not required for web design. Your application will be considered on the basis of your design skill, creativity, English proficiency and ability to solve problems.

When applying for the web design position, irrespective of the software that you use, you need to be able to create top quality designs which are original, creatively unique and complying to general design standards. In general, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dreamweaver are considered ideal tools for the job. Any additional skills or experience with other tools especially UI design tools (Figma, Adobe XD etc) will be added advantage though not necessary.

The design portfolio that you present during the online interview will be key artifact that we use for our assessment. You will also be required to do a design test during which you will need to create a design (based on specifications that we provide) within a set amount of time. This design test along with your design portfolio will be used to assess your creativity and design style.

What operating systems do I need to be proficient in?

We hire system administrators who are proficient in at least one server based operating system (Windows or Linux) though with suitable vendor certification to support your expertise. Having expertise in more than one operating system is a definite advantage and increases your chances of getting hired.

Typically new recruits are trained in multiple new technologies before being deployed. These training opportunities sharpen and modernize skills through a combination of formal training courses and hands-on tasks. For experienced system admins additional training opportunities may arise through client specified trainings and certification mandates.

An engineering degree is not mandatory for system admin positions while an IT-focused degree would improve your chances of getting hired. In addition, your application will be considered on the basis of your hands-on experience, subject knowledge, English proficiency and problem solving capabilities.

Expertise with cloud technologies (AWS/ Google/ Microsoft Azure) and related certifications is considered as an added advantage. Candidate with knowledge or expertise in scripting and/ or DevOps will receive higher preference.

I do not have an MBA or management degree but can I still apply?

Unfortunately, for our Virtual MBA and Business Strategist positions, we are only able to consider applicants who hold a Masters in Business Administration since that is the specific qualification sought by our clients.

We recognised that the Postgraduate Diploma in Management is a useful and respectable qualification but unfortunately, for our Virtual MBA and Business Strategist positions, we are only able to consider applicants who hold a Masters in Business Administration in order to meet the expectations of our international clients.

We are looking for people with strong insights into business challenges. That comes from a combination of robust postgraduate training and at least a few years of work experience in a relevant field. Candidates with less experience but particularly strong business insight are welcome to apply.

We have a strong focus on skills development and provide training opportunities in a range of business topics including marketing, operations, human resources, business strategy, information technology and more.