Credentials of our Virtual MBAs


MBA Qualified Masters in Business Administration

Every Virtual MBA has a robust grounding in advanced business topics through their MBA studies.


Business Experience Real-World Exposure

Every Virtual MBA has at least two years of paid work experience in a relevant business role.


Strong English Written and Verbal

Every Virtual MBA is able to communicate clearly and effectively in English, even on complex topics.

Virtual MBAs

Your Right-Hand Person

Our Virtual MBAs will be the trusty lieutenant you have always wanted. Assign any reasonable tasks and reap the benefits as they become more and more familiar with your business.

What Virtual MBAs Can Do

Examples of Tasks You Can Assign To Your Virtual MBA

  • Business Analyses
  • Business Planning
  • Business Strategy
  • Stakeholder Liaison
  • Business Reporting
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Human Resources Tasks
  • Business Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Team Coordination
  • Financial Management
  • And More

How To Hire A Virtual MBA

1. Tell Us About Your Needs

This first step is to contact us so that we can get a full understanding of your needs. That will help us identify the Virtual MBA who is the best match for your needs.

2. Try a Virtual MBA

After our initial discussion with you, we can arrange a one-week obligation-free trial of a Virtual MBA. No payment is required.

3. Proceed Only If Delighted

After the trial, you can secure your Virtual MBA by simply paying for the first month of service. We charge a simply flat monthly fee. Cancel any time.


We are always on hand to answer your questions so please do not hesitate to Contact Us if we can be of any assistance.

What hours will my Virtual MBA work?

Your full-time Virtual MBA will work an 8-hour shift (including a 30-minute meal break) from Monday to Friday. We'll schedule the shift start time to match your preference as best we can, though normally shifts need to start between 6am and 4pm Indian Standard Time, meaning that the latest that a shift can finish is midnight Indian Standard Time.

These shift hours are flexible enough for there to be complete or near-complete overlap with business hours in the UK, Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. For customers in the USA and Canada, we will do our best to arrange for your Virtual MBA to work as many hours during your business hours as possible.

We will provide a local phone number which you can use to contact your Virtual MBA if you are in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia or New Zealand (if you are from another country, please Contact Us to check availability). You can also contact your Virtual MBA through online methods such as Skype, Slack, Zoom (without video unless otherwise agreed) and email. You can contact your Virtual MBA at any time during their daily shift hours.

No. Service is provided on a month-to-month basis and you can cancel at any time to avoid further charges. If you ever want to cancel, all you need to do is to notify our Corporate Support team via email. It's as easy as that.

Absolutely. Our service is structured in a way to facilitate that for you. We have high staff retention rates and many of our staff work with the same customer for years and years. If your Virtual MBA leaves our company at some point and you wish to continue service, we will assign a strong replacement for you and arrange for your outgoing Virtual MBA to hand over their work to the incoming MBA during a free "buddying" period in which both Virtual MBAs are assigned to you at no extra charge. Staff changes are rarely required though so you can expect staffing stability when you hire from us.

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