Social Cause

Community Work

In difficult times like the one which the world economy is in now, extreme hardship is imposed on people already living in poverty. With that in mind, the company initiated a campaign on to help deliver relief to people living in poverty around the world.

Kiva is a microfinance website which enables people and businesses to extend small loans to people in need to fund their entrepreneurial activities with a view to helping them overcome poverty. These small loans can change lives. Our campaign involved opening a Kiva lending team called "Companies That Care". We offered to match loans made by others, up to a total of US$15,000. The response from the Kiva community was fabulous and the teams' 190+ members have facilitated more than 4,500 loans (totalling US$165,000) to struggling entrepreneurs. The team plans to continue with its efforts to fight against poverty through sustainable support and empowerment. Further details regarding the project are published on Kiva's microsite for the Companies That Care team as well as its associate Facebook page.

Blood donation

Blood donation is arranged as and when we are made aware of urgent requirements. Based on requests that reach us from time to time arrangements are made for team members who are willing, to donate blood. Blood donation is usually arranged for patients at the Regional Cancer Centre (Thiruvananthapuram) and for other specific requests that are passed on to us.


V-Care is essentially a group of staff members, with a similar interest, who have got together with a view to contributing back to the society, irrespective of the magnitude of the donation that they are able to make. The internal community of like-minded team-members collect a small donation amongst themselves and as and when a genuinely needy person reaches out to them, the team, after careful consideration of underlying details, releases donations either in the form of money or other essentials like medicines. The most important factor of this initiative is that the money collected is fully audited and details of donations made are transparent. Further, each donation made is personally delivered by a group of staff from the V-Care team. The V-Care team has been able to reach out to several needy people in the recent past. The team has a noble vision and expects to improve effectiveness and reach over the years.